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Chickens (not technically) in the News! #8

My good friend Johanna lives in Kabul, Afghanistan and sent me these pictures of a cockfight on the streets of Babur. According to her, the roosters don’t get hurt, but instead win when the other chicken puts its head down. While I can’t speak for all cockfighting in Afghanistan, I am positive that Johanna would not have sent me photos of a bloody all out cockfighting conspiracy in underground Babur. Mostly, you should enjoy the fabulous colors of the chickens. And for those of you interested in learning more about the exciting times and never-mentioned-in-the-media-true-to- life-and-often-very-normal-but-beatiful goings on of Kabul, I suggest you have a look at Johanna’s blog. She is a wonderful photographer and amazing storyteller. I think you’ll enjoy it.


NOT a chicken.

…But possibly a short life. Check out Dean Potter.

Check THIS out!

My new favorite blog is called “Unearthed Adventures” by my two friends Kristin and Debbie. Their love for dirty, inanimate, and discarded objects rivals my obsession with my backyard and chickens (which is saying a whole lot more than you think – last night I played ultimate frisbee with a chicken hat on my head for 3.5 hours. Yes, that’s right I telling you here and now, I had my head up a chicken’s ass. More on this soon.) Anyways, check out their stories of reviving art that never knew it could be art, getting by on thrift shop purchases no one wanted, and racy tales of curbside porn…

Sonoran Desert Museum

This was to be a much longer post, but then my computer got grumpy and slow, like me in the morning, so this is what I got for now. This is from Mari and my visit to the Desert Museum just on the other side of the Tucson Mountains on Sunday morning. The desert was in full bloom and we had ice cream as we dreamt about all the wildflowers we would plant in the fall. That is, until church got out, people woke up, and all the hordes of fanny pack wearing, khaki-clad, tourists showed up, so we left.

So say my chickens too…

“Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”
– Ed Abbey

(For more Abbey quotes you can go to this nifty webpage.)

Chickens in the News! #7

I have a 30ft catapult filled with chicken droppings – and I’m not afraid to use it

The headquarters of Joe Weston-Webb’s portable flooring empire is protected by security fencing, motion-sensor lights and CCTV cameras.

None of these conventional measures has deterred arsonists, however, and in desperation, Mr Weston-Webb has now fortified his defences with less orthodox technology left over from his time as a travelling showman.

A 30ft Roman catapult, loaded with chicken droppings from a nearby farm is primed each evening. And a cannon, which Mr Weston-Webb once used to shoot his wife across the River Avon, will fire a railway sleeper if triggered by an intruder.

Mr Weston-Webb was yesterday erecting a sign outside his business, which stands at the end of a farm track in the lower valley of the River Soar in Nottinghamshire – a place known locally as Soar Bottom. It reads: “Warning: These premises are protected by smart-poo and railway sleeper projectiles.” (Read more…)

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