Monthly Archives: September 2008

It’s official…

I am totally a lame blogger.  So many ideas, but more excuses why I haven’t posted a damn thing.  Here’s the brief update of life:

1. My cousin Scott’s logo design for our Ultimate Frisbee team is a hit, and we have the coolest jerseys in town so even if we lose miserably we will look good doing it.

2. Knee is all better.  Still feel older than I am.

3. By Tucson standards it now gets chilly* at night and that is awesome.  (*Below 70 degrees F.)

4. I saw Bill Walton the other day in the airport.  I didn’t remember until now, so even you people I see and talk to regularly will find this out for the first time here – good thing I blog…and if you don’t know who Bill Walton is, think NBA allstar, now quirky and gangly basketball announcer.  Oh, and his wife is SUPER short.  Wierd.

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