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Let’s roll.

Somewhere over the pond in Willoughby, Northamptonshire, an bowling-pin shaped egg was laid by a chicken.  Naturally, the owner thought about selling it on Ebay.  I mean what else would you do with an egg like that?

Chicken lays bowling-pin shaped egg

An animal lover has found her chickens are game for anything after one laid an egg resembling a tenpin bowling pin.

‘I’ve done a bit of research and there’s nothing to suggest you should ever get eggs in this shape,’ said the 43-year-old.

Natalie Wiltshire said the bizarre creation was laid by one of her 20 chickens and reckons it is one of a kind.

The mother of three found it last week and was initially tempted to sell it on eBay.

‘I don’t know how much it would fetch but I remember a cornflake shaped like Jesus that sold for quite a lot of money so you never know,’ added the yoga teacher from Willoughby, Northamptonshire.

But the odd egg has proved such a hit with children Oliver, 13, Edward, ten, and six-year-old Benedict that she has been persuaded to hang on to it.

‘It really is quite an extraordinary shape. All I need now is another nine pins and a round one for a bowling ball and we have the complete set,’ she joked. []



Oh Golden Lanes oh!

Life isn’t all about chickens, so we celebrated this past rainy Sunday evening as all rainy Sunday evenings should be celebrated: we went BOWLING. And we dressed up. Because if you can’t bowl well, at least you can look good. And drink beer.

Tell us what your gonna do Debbie…

Freja selects a ball.

Riley “Stetson” Merline and Chris “Five-O” Lowen.

Changing bowling names is sometimes more fun than actually bowling.

We were just glad Marie made it out from the black hole of James E. Rodgers Law School.

It’s hard to look this good.

Megan “I am sporty” Bartel.

Riley demonstrates his style and skills.

Rock star bowling.

Dear Golden Lanes, we’ll see you again soon.

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