Monthly Archives: January 2009

I know, and I still don’t care.


If you don’t know this web-based comic strip, you should, though you will likely be offended, disgusted, and scandalized frequently and with vigor.  It is Achewood by Chris Onstad – go see it.


Eggs. Huevos. Whatever. We’ve got ’em!

I am happy to report – FINALLY – that we have a return to near normalcy in the chicken palace that inspires Chicken Diction.  That’s right, we are now getting between 3 and 4 eggs per day, with even better days on the horizon as the days grow longer and now that the three weeks that we lovingly call “winter” have passed leaving only warmth to look forward to…Here we come, baked goods, omelettes, hard-boiled, over-easy – any way we like it, anytime we please.


Hayduke for President.


Chicken on Pig action.


Thanks to the Guardian for this picture from Pandi, Manila where these animals are part of a quarantine for the Ebola-Reston virus.  Sounds serious – if you had plans to visit Pandi, you might want to re-consider.

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