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A good day, if I do say so myself.

yehuda-moon-324[via Yehuda Moon cartoon]


The most helpful Chicken blog ever.

Nope, not Chicken Diction.  Not a big surprise really.  But recently I have been spending heaps of time on Urban Chickens, which is OH-SO-USEFUL when it comes to keeping chickens within city limits.  I would wager a guess that if you had some sort of info you needed, you could either find it already on the blog through a post or a link, or the keeper of Urban Chickens, Thomas Kriese would be happy to send you in the right direction.  So as spring aproaches and  you are giddy with excitement about getting your own brood of hens, be sure to stop by Urban Chickens and get educated.  I have had chickens for years, and I have already learned heaps of good stuff.


The State – of my new favorite blog…

Every once in a while I find it as my duty to share with all of you my new favorite blog.  This time around it is “The State”.  The bloggers over at The State offer a beautiful mix of art, music critique, localness, and quirky thoughts that make them my friends.  Plus they live in the town of Harrisonburg, VA where I went to university with them.  They also occaisionally write about the really important things like chickens and sustainability as well as what they taste like Peruvian style.  All very good things.


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