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Chickens in the News! #3

I’m not sure exactly how this is news, but it was in the news.

Blessed chick: Hen that lays green eggs
Associated Press
Wednesday, January,30 2008 (Mexico city):

Ordinary-looking hen with brown feathers has become a celebrity in Cuautitlan, a small village north of Mexico City, because every day she lays an egg with a green shell.

At first glance, Rabanita looks no different from the other chickens in the yard.

“Since the December 5 she has been laying green eggs,” said her owner, Elvira Romero.

Romero is a housewife who got the hen as part of a government aid package to help villagers.

“Well, my children say ‘Oh Mummy, God looks favourably on you so that you were given as a prize a chicken that lays green eggs’,” said Romero with a smile.

So far, there is no explanation for the colour of the eggs.

Romero says that Rabanita does not have a special diet different from the rest of the chickens, just the usual corn, tortillas and chicken feed.

Scientists believe that shell colour – which does not affect the colour or flavour of the yolk or white – is determined by the genes, and say blue or green shells are frequently found in the Araucana chicken strain.

Green egg layers attract a premium in some parts of South America, where poultry breeders aim to produce chickens, which lay nothing else.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. As if this is some sort of new discovery…Reuters obviously is not reading Chicken Diction!


Oh Golden Lanes oh!

Life isn’t all about chickens, so we celebrated this past rainy Sunday evening as all rainy Sunday evenings should be celebrated: we went BOWLING. And we dressed up. Because if you can’t bowl well, at least you can look good. And drink beer.

Tell us what your gonna do Debbie…

Freja selects a ball.

Riley “Stetson” Merline and Chris “Five-O” Lowen.

Changing bowling names is sometimes more fun than actually bowling.

We were just glad Marie made it out from the black hole of James E. Rodgers Law School.

It’s hard to look this good.

Megan “I am sporty” Bartel.

Riley demonstrates his style and skills.

Rock star bowling.

Dear Golden Lanes, we’ll see you again soon.

Chickens in the News! #2

For this week’s barely mid-week installment of Chickens in the News! we are going on a quick four-stop tour around the world to see the different lives (and death) that chickens have. It is a sobering life that chickens have throughout the world. One day my chickens will thank me for the life of luxury they lead. One day.

First stop: Jammu, where there is evidently a housing shortage for chickens.

Here we have some recently dead chickens in Kolkata, India.

Naked bathing chickens in Jakarta, and a nearby voyeur.

And finally, amorous roosters in Allahabad, India.

"The sweet sounds of New Zealand sheep," by Chris Lowen.

My brother is a man of many talents, some seen, and some hidden below layers of skin and bones. Here, while on a recent trip down under, he unmasks his innate talent of impersonations, by mimicking the confused sheep of New Zealand. For those long time readers of Chicken Diction, you will remember his partner in crime and life, Megan and her natural abilities in the area of animal sounds as well. This time it was the lonesome cry of the North American buffalo. If you haven’t witnessed her great display of animal mimicry, you should really see both the video of Chris below, and Megan’s together, so here is the link. May you all enjoy the wonderful sounds of nature!

Chickens in the News! #1

Welcome to a new mid-week Chicken Diction series, called “Chickens in the News!” This will be a weekly post of a picture, story, news item, or other interesting happening, all involving chickens in some way or another. As our chickens get older, and therefore wiser it has become apparent that they are that much more world-savvy and I believe it is important to more fully represent their worldliness by including news about chickens around the world, in your backyard and mine.

For the inaugural installment of “Chickens in the News!” we we go to Shainghai, China where chickens are not only very skinny it would seem, but naked, dead, and hanging from a wire. Not all chickens enjoy the luxury of a Tucson backyard paradise, remember that young whippersnapper Chicken Diction aficionados. One of this blog’s goals is to expose the harsh realities of the varied and complex lives that chickens have throughout this sometimes cruel world.

(This picture courtesy
Okay not really – they don’t know I have it, I didn’t pay for it or ask permission, but I bet they didn’t ask permission of that little girl either.)

Thanksgiving and the Desert Museum

I have been meaning to put up some pictures from when my parents were here in Tucson over Thanksgiving and somehow leaving the country for three weeks keeps one pretty occupied, and since I know that everyone is pretty tired of that Mary Oliver poem staring them in the face I thought a short trip to the not-so-distant-past would be a welcome change. My dad and I spent the weekend laying down flagstone underneath the ramada and then we all ate a huge thanksgiving dinner outside followed by an evening by the chimenea. The next day we went to the nearby Desert Museum to check out the cacti and other desert life. If you haven’t ever gone, you should definitely make a trip out there and see what the desert holds…

Me, Mari, and my way hip parents. Seriously, they’re awesome.

Mom and me.

“Yes Dad, you look a little funny with that camera case right there.”



Agave shadows.

Mari says hello.
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