Backyard chickens across the country unite!!

Seriously, my chicken lovin’ friends, the backyard chicken revolution has begun.  So before it nose dives into some irrelevant so-last-year-fad, let us celebrate and truly revel in the fact that people everywhere are getting turned on to the idea of keeping hens in their very own backyards for the joys of wonderfully local, fresh eggs, and even more wonderfully local, fresh chicken shit enriched compost.  It’s true.  Chickens are so hot right now.  Here’s the proof:

As you probably already know, Tucson will be hosting it’s very own chicken coop tour on May 23.  But as much as I would like to say that Tucson is on the cutting edge of backyard chicken solidarity, cities and communities all across the country have been organizing to educate people about the benefits of backyard chickens, as is evidenced by this very helpful post on Urban Chickens.

philadelphians-for-eggsIn many places, it isn’t even legal to keep chickens in one’s backyard (shock!).  Philadelphians have created this very fancy and uber cool poster to champion their cause of keeping chickens.

In my old collegiate stomping grounds of Harrisonburg, VA friends of mine have been cited for code violations after keeping a handful of egg laying wonders, thus resulting in the organization of the Harrisonburg Backyard Chicken Project.

Fortunately, there are wonderful places like Austin,  where they recently celebrated everything fowlish by their very own citywide tour of backyard chicken coops, and you can find out all about it and get excited all over again on their Funky Chicken Coop Tour blog.

Tucson is no stranger to the rights of backyard chicken owners.  Which is why I am so very excited about the upcoming tour of the various chicken coops that the Old Pueblo has to offer.  I will keep you all posted as more details emerge.  In the meantime, backyard chickens and their owners everywhere keep keeping on!


4 thoughts on “Backyard chickens across the country unite!!

  1. winona says:

    thought of you when this article ran, front page, top half. silly lancaster.

  2. Devon says:

    Hello! First, I want to say how very happy I was to run into your blog!! I did have a few questions… I am thinking of having my own backyard chickens- I live in midtown and we’re already designing the “condo” as it were… but what are the city codes (if any) for having livestock in the city? Or, where should I go to get that info, etc? We’re thinking of only having 2-3 chicks (because of space etc) but is there a limit? Thanks again for this blog!

  3. itrawl says:

    Went scratching around for some more backyard chicken keepers out there, and found your blog, nice work. Be great to find someone else on my continent (or at least in the same hemisphere), and you seem to have a huge head-start on chook-talk on the web – can you point me in the right direction?

  4. Steve says:

    Like so many that ease into chicken raising, I have become more-and-more involved with wanting to know about the birds and wanting to celebrate the marvelous joy they bring. I started a website, to bring together a variety of chicken-related items – or them and for us. I encourage any/all chicken enthusiasts (like myself) to check it out and let me know what you think….

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