Tucson Backyard Chicken Coop Tour Announced!

The Food Conspiracy Co-op has announced a citywide Chicken Coop Tour of various local backyard chicken coops for Saturday, May 23, from 9am-1pm.  Tickets will cost $5 per person and all proceeds will go to the Community Food Bank’s Community Foods Consignment Program.  So mark your calendars for this up-close and personal look into the many different ways that Tucsonites keep backyard chickens, and start dreaming about how you too can have your very own backyard fresh eggs and chicken compost.  For more information or answers to your questions, follow this link. (If you’re not in Tucson, check out Urban Chickens for a list of other city chicken coop tours.)  Hope to see you all there!!!



13 thoughts on “Tucson Backyard Chicken Coop Tour Announced!

  1. Sean says:

    But is YOUR backyard on the tour?

  2. […] Author Tucson Backyard Chicken Coop Tour Announced! […]

  3. Chicken Coup says:

    That is a really cool idea. I have heard of Christmas Tour of Homes and such but never a backyard chicken coop tour.

  4. Cathi Clarke says:

    Hey Matthew,
    Enjoyed your blog..going to catch the chicken coop tour and hope to meet you!

    Go Dukes! Both our sons played football at JMU (one is on his last year there). We lived in Williamsburg for 20 years, and now in Tucson since ’05.

    Did you know Joel Salatin at Polyface? Used to make the drive to the farm to buy from him.
    Look forward to meeting you, Cathi

  5. Lynn says:

    Matthew, are there breeds that are more heat-tolerant and more suited to Tucson? (I’ve Googled and can’t find much on this.) It seems that feed stores and people on Craigslist have pretty much anything you could want.


  6. trudy says:

    But when is next chicken tour?

    See substantial interesting urban chicken article in NewYorker (9/28/09) today.

  7. […] Seattle even has an annual chicken coop tour. There was a Tucson chicken coop tour in 2009. […]

  8. Another chicken coop tour! Wow…seems like this event had been run everywhere. Is so good to see many had the same enthusiast towards keeping chickens. This definitely is one of the ways to get to know you neighborhood better. Great effort!


    Chicken coop plans

  9. Anne DeHart says:

    I would like to be on any mailing list to receive reminders of the tour. Thank you. Green Valley.

  10. Anne DeHart says:

    I would like to be included on any email list to remind us of the 2011 tour. Would love to get urban chickens in Green Valley!

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