While it’s NOT…hotter than the inside of a live chicken!©…

…It is still pretty damn hot for February – EVEN in Tucson, Arizona.  So for all you global warming naysayers and skeptics, including those of you who flat out refuse to listen to anything that spills from the lips of Democrats regardless of how truthy it just may be, and no matter that they are simply the other side of the same useless coin…here is something along the lines of PROOF that is yes indeed it is getting hot in here:

Yes, it was warm, as in record-setting
by Tony Davis

Tucson’s weather broke a record Monday, with a 91-degree reading that felt more like late April or early May than February.
Monday was:
• The warmest Feb. 23 on record, compared with a previous record of 87 degrees in 1989. The mercury hit 91 at 2:24 p.m. and was at least 90 for three minutes. The normal high for this time of year is about 70 degrees.
• A day when the low temperature was also the highest minimum temperature on record for the day: 58, compared with the previous record of 54 in 1920.
• The second-earliest 90-degree day in February on record, after a 92-degree reading on Valentine’s Day 1957.
• The fourth 90-degree reading in February in Tucson since records started being kept in 1895.
• The second straight day in which Tucson had the warmest temperature in the country. On Sunday it was 83 degrees.
“It could be worse. It was 100 degrees in Hermosillo today,” National Weather Service meteorologist John Glueck said.
A strong high-pressure ridge over the Tucson area has pushed temperatures up and will keep them high all week.
Today, the high is expected to be a 90. It will cool to the mid-80s on Wednesday, and stick in the low to mid-80s for the rest of the week.

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