Chickens in the News #12

BBQ Chicken – In the town of Brighton, way up north in Ontario, Canada, an estimated 25,000 chickens died in a barn fire.  While the owners are estimating the loss at close to $2 million, at least they will have picnic lunches for the conceivable future.

South Bend Firefighters Prove Quicker than Canadian Counterparts – Monday afternoon, firefighters in South Bend, Indiana responded to a chicken coop fire in time to save all its occupants.  Evidently they had nothing better to do, than respond to a chicken coop fire.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (for Chickens) – Ybor City residents, near Tampa, Florida, marched for the rights of their city’s wild chickens on Monday, November 17.  I can only imagine what they were marching through.

How to Bake a Chicken – New Zealand band, the Headless Chickens are reuniting for the music festival, Homebake, in Sydney, Australia.  Evidently this is your only chance to see them play.  Quick.  Hurry.  Or you’ll miss it…


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