The Inside Coop you’ve been waiting for… (#6)

Hayduke lays again!  Now, while you may have been unaware of the long-standing egg strike of 2008 ever since the re-construction of the new chicken pad, I am here to inform you that these hens of ours have been quite lazily shedding their feathers for a new winter coat.  Unfortunately all their chicken feed energy has been diverted from useful egg production to paranoid feather replacement.  Never mind that they already had feathers, while we have remained desperately eggless.  Damn selfish chickens.

So in the interim, there has been one rogue chicken among the three neighbor-defecting chickens, who has decided to buck the system and lay distinctly smallish eggs rather consistently.  This is all good news, in the way of egginess, and now that Hayduke is back in action again, along with an unidentified Araucana, we are back up to around 3 eggs per day.  This, dear readers, is quite a relief given that last week I was forced to actually BUY eggs.  I know.  Tragedy.

So as Holy Turkey Day draws near, and we prepare to feast on one of our chickens’ distant but unknown relatives, all is slowly returning to a normal egg laying routine.  The differing factions of the chicken palace have made a relative peace, and the freeloading colony of birds that was quite comfortably living off of our hard bought chicken feed have moved on.  Actually they have only moved next door and are freely squandering the duck feed for our neighbor’s two adorable (if not utterly confused to be in the desert) ducks.  That’s all for now.


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