The Inside Coop #5 – A Chicken Palace!

So finally my lackadaisical, falling down, chicken shade cloth came to a bitter end of basically being a pain in my ass every time I went to feed the chickens, gather eggs, or really just do anything there.  Coincidentally, the exact same morning that I decided to get my act together and do something about was the same morning that the three new, littler, and more spry of the chicken clan escaped due to poor upkeep.  In any case, with the fantastic help of my brother, we cranked out a framed up, nearly perfected proper chicken aviary with a human sized door, compost access hatch, and no way for those damned sparrows to highjack precious pounds of lay crumble feed that costs way more than it feels it is worth.  Here are the results…

Ironically, the chickens have repaid this fabulous favor of a wondrous home, with a collective molting, meaning feathers everywhere, an egg strike, and general grumpiness.  Seriously chickens.


2 thoughts on “The Inside Coop #5 – A Chicken Palace!

  1. Shelby says:

    I like what I’m seeing here Matt. You’re slowly working your way back to to the Friesen sidebar. Keep it up and who knows… maybe one day we’ll see your name in print.

  2. dad says:

    That looks great! I’ve found that when children, I mean pets/animals, don’t properly appreciate the efforts of their parents, I mean owners/providers, it’s just a part of the process that will soon pass and be forgotten in the press of time and new experiences. All part of life.

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