It’s official…

I am totally a lame blogger.  So many ideas, but more excuses why I haven’t posted a damn thing.  Here’s the brief update of life:

1. My cousin Scott’s logo design for our Ultimate Frisbee team is a hit, and we have the coolest jerseys in town so even if we lose miserably we will look good doing it.

2. Knee is all better.  Still feel older than I am.

3. By Tucson standards it now gets chilly* at night and that is awesome.  (*Below 70 degrees F.)

4. I saw Bill Walton the other day in the airport.  I didn’t remember until now, so even you people I see and talk to regularly will find this out for the first time here – good thing I blog…and if you don’t know who Bill Walton is, think NBA allstar, now quirky and gangly basketball announcer.  Oh, and his wife is SUPER short.  Wierd.


One thought on “It’s official…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Must post picture of ultra cool jerseys with the ultra cool team…

    Chilly – 70??? We are in shorts at 60 around here.

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