New chickens!

So for the last week or so we have repeatedly had to catch and release our neighbors recently flight able chickens that prefer the shaded, vegetated, backyard of our house over the empty, dirt parking lot of a backyard that the neighbors, complete with yapping, undersized and overaggressive dogs. No wonder. Today Riley and I caught them and kindly imprisoned them in some remaining chicken wire and cardboard with water and snacks until I could talk with the neighbors. As there was no place at the neighbors to keep them from escaping to the shaded paradise of our yard, this was really the only option.

The conversation was quick and to the point. They don’t know what to do with them, and do I want them? Well seeing as I have a chicken palace of sorts in the backyard and I wouldn’t want the egos of Hayduke and Cracker to bloat any more than they already have, adding three new chickens to the mix seems convenient and the easiest way for all of us to live in relative harmony. So now we have three juvenile chickens who are attempting to keep their relative distance from the other original fab five of the backyard and of course gorging themselves on the overabundance of feed. In short time they will be fat I am sure.  And if either of them turn out to be a rooster, then we will have chicken for dinner.  I’ll keep you posted.

The two new chickens that appear to be of the Americauna breed – kind of a mut of the Araucana and other breeds.  The other one (not pictured) seems to be a mix of Rhode Island Red and maybe something else.

Making herself comfortable in the hen house.

The difference in size is quite noticeable between Hayduke and the little one in the back right.


One thought on “New chickens!

  1. phyllisc says:

    Very pretty birds! We have an EE that looks very much like you two news ones.

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