A friend of a friend was on Jeopardy, so I’m sorta cool

I don’t know how many of you all grew up watching Jeopardy in the evenings with your family while eating dinner.  But I did.  Yeah that’s right, trivia game nerd alert.  But when I discovered that a co-worker’s friend was going to be on an episode of Jeopardy last week, we promptly wheeled the TV to the one cable hookup in the office (Jeopardy is on early here for some reason), grabbed some snacks and got all trivia gamed crazed while we cheered on the friend of a friend named Josh from Baltimore.  Well he lost in final Jeopardy to an “answer” about a “world leader” I had never heard of.  Anyways, he has a blog about comics where he basically bemoans the social implications/commentary that are intoned with old-time comic strips and has some ridiculous daily readership that only sounds like pressure to me.  So yeah, he’s basically a big deal in the world of comics blogging, and he posted a lengthy but very entertaining narrative of the secrets behind the mysterious cult world of Alex Trebec and Jeopardy that I highly recommend even if you were not screaming out trivia responses with a full mouth at the dinner table during much of your adolescence.  So check it out.


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