Climbing wall – Part 4.

A lot happened today – way more than can be told here. These are the important highlights:

– We started at 8am.
– There were donuts.
– We ended at 8pm.
– We realized we worked long and hard for 12 hours straight with little rest.
– There were veggie burritos.
– There was a high temperature of 107 degrees in Tucson today.
– That’s pretty damn hot.
– The climbing wall is all framed up and ready for the plywood.
– The plywood is all cut, primed, and painted, and ready for the wall.
– Tomorrow it is going to be hotter than today in all likelihood.

Yeah, nothing like toe-nailing screws in. Over and over and over.

And over.

Honestly, this is trick photography. Chris is strong, but not like this picture would lead you to believe.

Jonathan with his famous behind the back drill move.

My friend David showed up at our door last night and we somehow conned him into working long hours in the sun all day today. He says he looks like Popeye here. “I’yam what I’yam!”

A bit of a siesta…

Proud David keep on rolling.

Jonathan dreams of a climbing wall.

Final supports for the wall.

Chris got artsy at some point. Or the sun got to him.

Still artsy. Nice moon.

Yeah, shortly after this the pizza came and we were done for the day.
Oh so done.


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