Chicken fun fact you weren’t necessarily thinking about.

It turns out that chickens take issue with road runners. At least my chickens do. So this morning while I was watering my soon-to-be-not-so-green-but- very-tasty-tomatoes all five of the chickens were making some kind of ruckus, and when I looked up there was a road runner not 10 feet from me. It was probably going after the very healthy community of lizards that scuttle around the premises in the early morning sun, as roadrunners are rather carnivorous. Anyways road runners easily make it onto my top ten most favorite list of birds, and it was pretty fantabuloso to see one so close and mostly calm. Chickens naturally are also on my top ten list, even if they do get all finicky and skittish around their more agile and fearless distant cousin. The hens finally quieted down after the road runner had shuffled off with some sort of tasty lizard breakfast burrito.


2 thoughts on “Chicken fun fact you weren’t necessarily thinking about.

  1. jonathan h says:

    Said chickens may have had great reason to be raising a ruckus. Your lizard burrito may have been more like a breakfast burrito augmented w/ some tasty chicken eggs which the roadrunner would not have turned down had the opportunity to filch one arisen!

  2. Matthew says:

    for the record this is not the road runner that was in my yard…i stole this off the intranets somewhere.

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