Climbing Wall – Part 1.

Ever since I bought this house nearly two years ago, we (friends, brother, me, etc) have talked about putting a bouldering wall out back and well, it wasn’t until our ever thoughtful and visionary president decided to boost the economy through his stimulus plan that I decided it was the right time to stimulate ourselves through the construction of a home climbing wall. So, finally we began, after long hours of planning, imagining, and mostly talking about how amazing it will be. If all goes according to plan, it will be 16 feet wide by 12 feet tall with two 8 foot sections at different overhanging angles, painted gray with the appropriate levels of texture to make it look slightly less woody, with all sorts of manufactured holds as decoration like the two foot long teal rail, all sorts of crimpy painful holds, the the brain like tan bulge, and the homemade walnut beauty that my cousin Eric crafted with a block of wood and a grinder in his driveway.

Step one: donuts, coffee and banter.

Step two: getting the six-inch lizard out of our post hole.

Step three: cementing 16 foot 4×4 posts in a straight line perfectly vertical and the exact distance we will eventually need for two differently angled 8 foot sections.

Step four: more banter.

Step five: admiration.


One thought on “Climbing Wall – Part 1.

  1. jonathan says:

    wow, look at the toukas on, um, me! ha.

    awesome. and it’s now bolted. and soon, very soon, to have the wall framed out. if i weren’t still packing, i’d be bouncing off the walls.

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