Ode to Quoits.

For those lost souls out there who don’t know what quoits (pronounced quaits) are, here is a quick tutorial of this wondrous sport. It’s similar to horseshoes but a shorter distance (21 feet to be exact), shorter pegs, and instead of the open horseshoe shape it is a brass doughnut shape thus making “ringers” that much more difficult and therefore emotional. For more detail than you would ever want and some slightly awkward pictures of mostly overweight, middle-aged, white men, see the website for the United States Quoiting Association (really). You can even purchase your own set there. Here is evidence of the hours of enjoyment one can have playing quoits: we had to set out outdoor lighting to keep playing after dark! My set did not in fact come from the USQA website, but but from our dear friend Phil in Virginia, who is currently up for sainthood in our household due to his enormous generosity and strength of character for parting ways with this most beauteous set of quoits. Our dear friend Andrew also deserves a round of well wishes and prayers due to his self-sacrificing nature and allowing me to take this particular set when offered by Phil since as he said, “they make them right across the street from my house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.” That’s right folks, this is me getting back to my Mennonite heritage and my only form of proselytizing – encouraging others to play this ever versital game of skill and technique, while most likely drinking beer.


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