Chickens in the News! #2

For this week’s barely mid-week installment of Chickens in the News! we are going on a quick four-stop tour around the world to see the different lives (and death) that chickens have. It is a sobering life that chickens have throughout the world. One day my chickens will thank me for the life of luxury they lead. One day.

First stop: Jammu, where there is evidently a housing shortage for chickens.

Here we have some recently dead chickens in Kolkata, India.

Naked bathing chickens in Jakarta, and a nearby voyeur.

And finally, amorous roosters in Allahabad, India.

2 thoughts on “Chickens in the News! #2

  1. chris says:

    are you sure that the first picture is from jammu, instead of at a stoplight in harrisonburg?

  2. Andy says:

    i like chris’ question.
    hi matt.

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