Second Annual Tacky Holiday Sweater Party

I hope that you are prepared for the best blog entry EVER. Albeit belated, I can assure you that you have never seen anything quite like this (there might be a reason for that). This is the documentation for the Second Annual Tacky Holiday Sweater Party and it is something never before seen in the world of blogging – until next year of course. So feast your eyes on the brilliance of tacky holiday sweaters…

Welcome to our fiesta!

People were very excited to be in attendance.

Behold, the tackiness!

JT and his girlfriend campaigned all night long to be voted the “Best PTA Mom and Dad” and then left before the awards were handed out, so we all booed, gave their present of a stuffed chihuahua that sings “Feliz Navidad” in a bad Mexican accent to someone else, and promptly forgot all the begging and pleading they did in order to get voted for in the first place. Then JT had the tenacity to email me and ask where their prize was. Whatever JT.

Kristin and Debbie. Debbie came in second for “Most Flair”.

Uppy and Dave – how cute.

My brother would have won the prize for “most prominent sweater” if there had been a category for that. He sewed the Santa head onto his sweater and it stuck out a good six inches.

Meet Juan…

Juan “Moose Cock” Castro, that is.

Mari and Jonathan.

Wreath-on-a-sweater and Smiles-a-lot.

Lindsey and Kristin.

Claudine won a well deserved “Most Flair” for her home-made xmas tree hat.

Pam was the write in winner of the non-existent category of “Most Drool”.

Joe placed a strong third in the category of “Hardest to look at”.

Riley and I went head to head for first place in the coveted “Hardest to look at” category. In the end I pulled out the victory.

Guess why.

Happy tacky holidays!

5 thoughts on “Second Annual Tacky Holiday Sweater Party

  1. the injector says:

    your outfit was just hideous enough to be perfect:)xo

  2. Debbie says:

    hideous is right… 😉 it was like a car accident. made me a little uncomfortable, but i couldn’t look away… hmmmm.

    (good blog post, matt!)

  3. dave says:

    Indeed, best blog entry EVER.

  4. sharon says:

    Hardest to look at for sure. Way to pull off the win.

  5. says:

    nice! i wish i could have made it there. i’m gonna start knitting myself a sweater for next year and fly back!

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