Just before the midnight hour.

In perfect Peruvian form, one of the Araucanas has delivered a last minute blue-green egg just before the big feast of dead birds that takes place tomorrow all across this confused land. It seems that all of my threats of beheading and baking were sufficient for the absolute bare minimum of return on their part. Not knowing which bird it was that laid the egg, I of course cannot risk the sacrifice and all three will therefore survive…

I know you were all dying to know when the first blue-green Araucana egg was laid. So here it is. Behold, the fabled egg of the South! Happy holidays to you all.


3 thoughts on “Just before the midnight hour.

  1. jonathan says:

    goodness! i can’t believe it took you 3 1/2 hrs to get this posted!

    i’m mostly just grateful that i could be there for the moment of discovery and ensuant whooping and hollaring! what a fun time!

  2. the injector says:

    that is just superb! how did it taste? or are you letting it age?

  3. Debbie says:

    thank GOD

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