Winter gardening and chicken talk.

Pathways, river rocks, fire rings, and veggies.


Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, and paths.

“Hey Hayduke, make sure no one’s coming will ya?”

“Coast is allll clear Cracker.”

“It’s hard out there for a hen. Can hardly find time to lay an egg. Hey you Araucanas! Need some inspiration – check this out!”


5 thoughts on “Winter gardening and chicken talk.

  1. Matthew says:

    sharon paulson i am so excited that you found my blog…how do i get in touch with you?? and how did wynona know about my blog? hope you’re well. m

  2. sharon says:

    You can read my blog, although it is not nearly as fascinating as yours… shameless self-promotion….

    follow my name…

  3. Matthew says:

    sharon, your profile has no info other than your name….help!!! leave the address or something. m

  4. sharon says:


    Sorry. My email is My blog is It’s good to read your stuff- it’s good to know you- interesting person that you are and all.
    And yes, I did say dur. I like saying dur.

  5. winona says:

    ah, so. i landed here from deb good’s blog, and have been devouring your desert and chicken news covetously ever since.

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