Barrio Brew Co. – and chickens of course.

Me and some friends had probably more than enough fun at a new brewery, Barrio Brew Co. this evening and I happened to have a camera along. So here are some photos you may or may not enjoy, that entail our own personal inspiration and imitations of my chickens. You’ll probably know which are which, but in case you are easily confused I have added some subtitles to explain the inspiration and imitations…

To the left.

To the right.

Me and Dave – partial.

We were number 78. They’re sticklers about numbers.

Uppy after I told her to think of some neuroscience word I currently can’t remember. She enjoyed it though.

At some point I told Dave to be serious, but he didn’t do that well, so I told him to pretend one of his rats had died. I don’t think this is the picture though.

Debbie’s failed attempt at seriousness.

Riley thinking he is in GQ magazine. Really.

This is my “fuck the man” pose. This is why revolutions fail – too much cynicism, not enough gruffness.

Uppy doing “chicken”.

Dave, definitely doing “chicken”.

Look at me. I’m a chicken.

Wait. Debbie is a chicken too.


One thought on “Barrio Brew Co. – and chickens of course.

  1. Debbie says:

    your friends are so hot

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