If you’re not absolutely-totally-demoralized- and-angry, then you’re certianly not paying attention.

On the day after Michael Mukasey was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee for Attorney General (proof that democrats are the same as republicans), I offer you this long diatribe from a TV political pundit – something I promise to do very very little of – because aside from the overly patriotic rhetoric that a few times finds its way into his blasting of the current administration, this is a 10-minute long lashing of all things status-quo at least with regard to presidents on prime-time television that real people in this country watch, and hopefully some ounce of it struck a nerve because we should be fucking ashamed of ourselves. In case you are actually angry after this is over, here is the number for Representative Conyers who is the Chair for the House Judiciary Committee. This is where there is currently an impeachment resolution against Cheney. Conyer’s office is 202.225.5126 and the Committee’s number is 202.225.3951. It’s simple, just call and leave a message demanding an impeachment inquiry against Cheney. It’s a good way to blow off steam and be useful all at once.


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