"The left column."

I would like to draw your attention to the not-so-famous “left column” in this blog. There are three reasons really. The first is that my brother (among others) has told me that he has never clicked on a single link in the “left column.” My own brother! It’s hard out there for a blogger. The second reason is that I have recently re-worked some of the categories and added some interesting links. The last, and I am sure most crowd-pleasing-Chicken-Diction- enthusiast-exciting, is that I have finally gotten not only up to date with the egg laying exploits, but I have made a more standardized system for some of the naysayers and critics out there in the Tucson community…So damnit – take a look at the left column and learn yourselves a thing or two. Or just hear some random shit that I happen to chuckle at late at night when I am writing for this blog. Whatever, just look at the left column, it’s worth it I promise.

A Guatemalan wooden chicken for your enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “"The left column."

  1. jonathan says:

    yea for the egg counter. it’s about time. all our odds and betting pools had been based on rumor and hear-say thus far. it’s nice to have some statistical backing.

    now how’s about those auracanas or americanas or whichever you’re calling them now start laying some blue eggs? wouldn’t that be nice?

  2. Kristin says:

    put all your money on the blue eggs, huh jonathan?

  3. jonathan says:

    i thought i was playing the odds. really, there are 3 of those, theoretically, blue-egg-laying chickens.

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