Famous chickens.

Though it is hard to believe, some chickens are more popular than mine. But only for now, just you wait…


3 thoughts on “Famous chickens.

  1. jonathan says:

    yea! someone finally posted a decent version of the commercial! i was going to post the link, but hadn’t seen a non-grainy version of it yet.

  2. Dominic.Romer says:

    How many chickens can you have in Tucson? I’m in Oregon now, but will be moving to Tucson next year. I have a flock 6 hens now. I couldn’t find any info on the cities page about backyard poultry keeping.

  3. Matthew says:

    dominic, i couldn’t figure out any email for you so i am hoping you check back here sometime…i have five hens. as far as i am aware the only thing that is an issue in tucson is if your neighbors don’t like it and complain – then without their permission you have to have the chicks 50 feet from their residence.

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