The Rincon Mountains.

My friend John is going to be mad. I went without him to the mountains like we planned so many months ago. But I had to. When you have your sights set on a weekend in the woods, and the world seems to be going straight to hell everywhere you look, sometimes you just have to go even though your Philly friend couldn’t make it. So I did. I spent the weekend in the Rincon Mountains with my brother and some friends and found a bit of calm that I was otherwise missing. And I came back to my chickens still laying eggs and my veggies getting taller. It was an amazing time high up in the mountains above the haze of Tucson and life. Ponderosa pines for cover, woodpecker alarm clocks, and rock outcropping views of horizons and stars. We saw red-tailed hawks, black bear footprints, and fields of manzanita. Here are some photos from the trip…


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