So it won’t go to hell so fast.

Free Burma!
(I know, I thought it was called Myanmar too.)


3 thoughts on “So it won’t go to hell so fast.

  1. jonathan Horst says:

    so do you know the actual name debate? i’ve heard (and am looking for verification) that the current regime changed it to Myanmar while the monks and much of the populace prefer Burma (which is a shortened version of the name)

  2. Matthew says:

    thanks jonathan for proving my empire saturation and enlightening us – all at once.

  3. Amanda says:

    hola mateo, just checking on the chickens and i saw this discussion. the jeweler who made our recycled wedding bands is the founder of the Jewelers’ Burma Relief Project…here is an article where the name issue is referenced.

    Chickens look well. Sorry to hear about the one that went to chicken heaven.

    hi to mari, cheers…amanda

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