My "go outside" rant.

Hello Chicken Diction aficionados!

In response to a self-diagnosis of CEAD (current events affective disorder) I, along with some good friends, will be out in the wilds backpacking and breathing fresh air from mountain tops and beside ponderosa pine trees this weekend.

I tell you this for several reasons: 1. I don’t want you to fret that I am not catching up on blogging as I often do over the weekends, 2. I am sure you will miss me, and 3. If you are sitting in front of a computer reading this, then you should do at least one of many things, none of which are continue sitting in front of a computer checking blogs. (Well perhaps you should read a bit farther in case you need some creative ideas…Here goes.)

Most importantly, GO OUTSIDE. I don’t really care where you are. Though I personally have an extreme aversion to cold, I still am a firm believer that it is crucial for everyone to see without the aid of florescent lighting and breath non-filtered, bona-fide a-i-r. So go outside and breath. Play. Go for a run or just sit on your ass. Watch the birds fly south and imagine where they are going. Find a sidewalk and dig up a piece of it. Then plant something that has roots and water it in. Find a stream and throw rocks at the log on the other side. Wake up early and listen to the sounds that you only hear through your dreams as the light slowly warms the world. Walk somewhere instead of driving. Tell yourself that the extra time is the key to sanity. It is. Or ride a bike and take the long route, one you have never been on before, and see what you see. If you have to drive, drive OUT of the city, town, or boro in which you live and keep going until the skyline is not made by people. Go to the park, the square, or even your backyard. Get dusty for no reason, and muddy for fun. But whatever you do, please go outside. Stop reading this. For your sanity. For mine. Come back a better person, more calm, impassioned, less crabby, but less comfortable in a routine that keeps us forgetting to go outside and get dirty.

Now go goddammit, before it’s too late.


One thought on “My "go outside" rant.

  1. Amanda says:

    you read my mind and i am headed for a hike up the hill behind my office right now…..have a great weekend!

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