Aravaipa Canyon.

So the really cool, non-technical, and not so boring reason that us residents in this here Menlo Park household care about this chicken aviary, is because we get to go away for long weekends backpacking in places like Aravaipa Canyon just outside of Mammoth, AZ and not worry about the rebel hens in our backyard and if they are bringing about the revolution right under our noses. And if you don’t know where Mammoth, AZ is you are not missing that much and even though it is “home of the Mammoth burger” the name of the town is decidedly a lie.

Beginning of the Canyon.

Old wise tree.

Action shot of me being a boy and throwing rocks into a big cave.

If mud dries up and no one sees it dry up, is it still mud?

R n’ R at the campsite.


Sometimes I think I am Ansel Adams.

I’m not.

Mari, queen of the boulder.

I heart wood.

This is my manly-backpacking pose.


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