For all you nay-sayers and skeptics out there who thought my short-term love affair with chicken herding was as last year as the atkins diet and democracy, well here I am, and this time with huevos…

It has been a full summer with many technological challenges including a non-functioning camera that mysteriously healed itself like Benny Hinn himself touched it, a burned-out computer hard-drive that crashed after Tshilo touched it, and then the lack of appropriate technology to properly contain the small platoon of hens armed with their very own fertilizer IEDs. Finally, everything is back up and running, and the chickens are on indeterminate large group lock-down thanks the wonders of a petroleum based shade cloth that currently encapsulates the entirety of the fenced-in chicken area. Not only are the chickens eagerly rummaging through the compost as they were always meant to do, they have after only one week of confinement began producing eggs. That’s right, all it took was some penal incarceration in order to properly exploit these hens reproductive powers for our nutritional enjoyment.

And though we already had the official “coming out” party (interpret that as you wish) for these illustrious hens of ours back in July, I would like to dedicate the following youtube video to the loss of their egg-laying virginity…


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