Goodbye Guate – for now.

Both Mari and Tshilo arrived back from Guatemala last night after staying on for about five days longer than Brook and me. It seems that whatever bad juju we picked up before we left stayed with them as their flight out of Guatemala City was delayed five hours for lack of a working air bag for the co-pilot. So they flew a new one down from Houston before they could take off. This added to the fact that they had taken a taxi to the airport at 3am for their flight. Of course they missed their connecting flight and took the next flight out, making their trip from door to door 17.5 hours…and to top it off Mari had also come down with amoebic dysentery. So now that we are all back I am putting up a whole barrage of photos from the trip. This will be my last bit about Guatemala for awhile, as it is high time I get back to updating you about my uppity chickens that my brother so kindly took care of while we were away.

Rooftops of Guatemala City.

Brook & Tshilo – we always knew where Tshilo was when he wore this shirt.

Whichever volcano it is that is near Antigua…I want to say it is Volcan Agua, but it could just be because it was about to rain…

Brook on a boat.

Tshilo on a different boat.

The boats of Monterico – minus Brook or Tshilo.

Mari in Nebaj.

My mother would tell me to stop making faces…I never did listen all that well.

Ixil weavings.

Brook, Mari, and an unexpected wave.

Both Mari and I thought this looked like we were a bit strung out, but then someone told us it was a good picture…mostly I think it is weird and that is why it is here.

Sunset at Monterico.

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