Back after three years…

Well I don´t know what to say. Three years is nearly too long to comment. The monsoons have arrived in Guatemala and the days are interrupted by a dousing of moisture that hangs in the air somewhere between refreshment and stickiness. The city bustles like it always has and the shopkeepers are the same and different all at once. With the presidential elections only a few months away there is a tangible electricity in the air over who might win and what real effects that will have. There is never a good choice for president in Guatemala, and meanwhile celebrations of the very military that is responsible for a holocaust against her own people go on in what looks like a police state and is clearly a descent into the horrific past all the while forgetting the terror that gripped the country not so long ago. We have been in the city for two nights now and we are itching for a departure to the mountains and the winding roads of the countryside. I don´t know how easy it will be to download photos while here but I will certainly try. For now, follow the link on the word ¨celebrations¨ and you will get a great idea of what takes place in this slice of the world. (We happen to be staying at James´s the photographer´s house so I can´t but help shamelessly plug his blog, never mind that he has incredible pictures.)


2 thoughts on “Back after three years…

  1. Amy says:

    Keep it coming. Keep it coming! Love to here about your Guate. travels!

  2. chris says:

    hola mateo! oh how i wish i could escape to guate right now. hope travels are going well. bay moved on tuesday, life is a bit more quiet, empty even.
    i am not one for blogs but i find yours quirky enough to be tolerable.
    take care of you, make a wish for me if you happen to grace the shore of atitlan
    my cousin is near there in a return displaced village.
    things are interesting there i hear.
    sending you all good thoughts as i sit here on my porch and listen to all of the banda music passing by,,,,
    till next time take care of you

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