Going to Guatemala with an achin . . . . in my heeaarrt.

In about eight hours I will be on a plane flying south to Guatemala where the monsoons have already begun and the fact that something about any reasonable change to our country’s attitude towards immigration has NOT taken place is felt in the tangible way that we passport wielding, English speaking, comfortable folks can’t begin to comprehend. Seriously. But I am going to hop on down for a two and a half week jaunt to visit friends and relax a bit – ahhh the power of the dollar…. How conveeenient. To think that such a reality is entirely IMPOSSIBLE for most folks in Guatemala or almost any other country where the predominant human color scheme is other than pasty is a nearly insurmountable obstacle for the minds of us Citizens. In fact most of the time, when one hears that someone from Guatemala, Mexico, or any other country south of here would come to visit or work in the US of A, the assumptive fear that too often follows is that we should worry that they might stay. What if I stay in Guatemala? Anyone (besides my boss) worried about that? The double standard is a bit like an elephant giving us all a collective lap dance and we not only are unwilling to acknowledge the elephant is there, but that we don’t even know what a lap dance is. Anyways, my soap box rant aside, what I really wanted to say was that I am going to Guatemala, where the chicken buses run wild and the chickens speak Spanish, so my entries will be a bit more sparse, but I hope to get you up to date on our travels and adventures.

In the mean time, here are some links on Guatemala in case you are interested:


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