Chicken down.

Let us please have a moment of silence for Chewbacca, whose chicken soul has went to be in the great free range feed lot in the sky. This morning I awoke good and early (for those of you that know me – gasp!) only to find the smallest of my hens in a not-so-chicken-comfortable-position, that is, stretched out on her side and D-E-D dead. I have recently wondered if she was sick as she was often sitting alone in unusual places and a bit slow to move when I would check on her. Luckily there was no fowl play such as dogs or hawks, though mysteriously there is a giant hole in my prickly pear cactus and large pieces that have obviously been eaten…leads one to wonder if she overdosed on prickly pear – a growing cause of fatality among young chickens these days. Evidently it is a hard-knock-life for chickens in the desert.

Chewbacca, we barely knew you as you scampered away from us on your chicken haunches, but still we loved you. You were a hen among chickens, a beauty among fowls, and a lousy egg layer – and we shall miss you.

Chewbacca of the Desert
February 2007 – June 27 2007

5 thoughts on “Chicken down.

  1. Jennifer says:

    oh chewy! thank you for everything you taught us in your brief time here, including the wisdom of moderation. your chicken presence will be missed by blog-fans across the world.

    and our thoughts are with your 5 mourning sisters and papi mateo.

  2. jonathan says:

    alas, a poor soul lost to the mortisy rigors of oxalic acid poisoning. oh would that chickens could read and solve that dilemma common to all omnivores, “what’s good to eat,” by reading the warning sign that papi mateo will have installed (within 30 days time to avoid ‘environmental hazard’ lawsuits from the Chicken Defense League and the Committee for the Society of Chickens Living in Sub-Habitable Arid Environments (CSCLSHAE)).

    maria algo, hayduke, cracker and the rest, may you avoid a similar or more gruesome desertesque fate.

    p.s. – mateo, when’s the chewy bbq?

  3. Debbie says:

    oh, pobrecita chewbacca. my condolences, chickenman lowen.

    (and jonathan, kristin and i are in agreement that we would definitely not want to eat the chicken that died of seemingly mysterious and natural causes…but why don’t you eat her and see what happens. 😉

  4. Eleanor says:

    Great blog!

  5. birdy.j says:

    Matthew- so sorry to hear of the untimely chicken death. I never met Chewbacca, but I am sure he lived a sweet life on the desert farm.
    To the late Chewy: all will miss you and I do not think you will be eaten. No florescent signs in the sky in your future my friend.

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