The cutting edge of chicken lingo.

I am going to start a new saying. This is what it is going to be: It’s hotter than inside a live chicken!© And ladies and gentleman, that’s HOT. Technically speaking that means it is more than 107 degrees, but just like any colloquial saying (which this will be quite soon I am sure) I feel that we can take some liberties even if it is not technically hotter than inside a live chicken. Besides, just like humans, 107 is just the average and each chicken varies of course. My hope is that it will be a regional specific saying with a global reach. SO, feel free to use this new saying as you please…in fact, why don’t you say it with me: It’s hotter than inside a live chicken!© Doesn’t it just roll right off your tongue? It’s catchy too. If you want to be on the cutting edge of chicken trendy this is your in. Don’t hold back because you think others won’t understand you – they will be dying to get on the it’s-hotter-than-inside-a-live-chicken©-train too, so say it with abandon, and often. Very soon your friends will see you as the trend-setter that you are.

(Currently, it is NOT hotter than inside a live chicken© – it is only 101 degrees – but later on today it might be…)


2 thoughts on “The cutting edge of chicken lingo.

  1. dave says:

    that’s hot. so hot. hot.

    (in paris hilton voice)

  2. Caryn says:

    hotter than chicken innards(c)

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