One year house-aversary.

It’s been nearly a year since I bought this house in Tucson (June 30 to be exact)….which is first and foremost cray-zee! and second of all, surreal and mostly unbelievable. In any case, I have been thinking a lot about the changes over the course of one year here in the bread basket of Tucson (as Menlo Park is sometimes thought of) and trying to remember exactly what it was that I saw in this house last year as I paraded my brother and friends around through the house and into the backyard, searching for some level of excitement close to mine to bolster the insanity that had found its nest in my brain leading me to go into greater debt than I had ever imagined. Needless to say, no one thought of it as much as I did, and to be honest it wasn’t them that needed to, but me. So anyways, a year out, home ownership beginning to feel like something I indeed planned for and handle quite well, I have prepared a little montage of pictures showing the “before” (certifiable) and “after” (still crazy after just one year) that will hopefully show some semblance of change, if not even a bit of progress. As for which pictures are the before and after, they are a bit like those weight loss commercials that show the person looking drab and unsmiling for the first shot and then so obnoxiously smiling that they must be high on a whole slew of anti-depressants and steroids, so hopefully you should be able to figure it out. Anyways, here they are…


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