I am beginning to wonder if the desert is driving me mad. Not in the way that I don’t enjoy, but in that way that has my head spinning in all sorts of directions keeping my thoughts significantly more random than usual and what comes out of my mouth drastically more quirky. Focusing is currently not my strong point (one could argue whether it ever was), and frequently I have this feeling that I am multi-tasking quite well, when really I am utterly distracted by 83 things at once. Perhaps there was a meltdown somewhere in my brain that has allowed normally isolated oddities to leak into other parts of my psyche leaving me prone to indecipherable ramblings…

Going on two years in Tucson now. Maybe I should have just expected it? The really interesting bit, is that I am totally amusing myself. People’s quizzical looks only feed my enjoyment of the strange comments that spontaneously erupt during conversation. Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I alone in my rapid descent into Sonoran madness? Will I one day better understand the writings of Edward Abbey, or the rock art in the canyonlands of the Southwest? Maybe this is just what happens when you buy a house and has nothing to do with the desert. Perhaps the arugula was too strong…What’s in that chicken feed anyways? Hello?

Here I am appearing to offer my cousins’ son a margarita – his mom didn’t even try and stop me either…


4 thoughts on “Rambling.

  1. Caryn says:

    get ’em started young. that’s what i always say.

  2. jonathan says:

    hate to break it to you, but you were rambling when you arrived…though now that you mention it, it may be a bit worse. i figure it’s cause you’re not getting out climbing which provided your practice at maintaining mental focus (replacement for yoga or meditation)

  3. Matthew says:

    jonathan, i may have been rambling upon arrival, but i am currently more kooky than i used to be…just ask my coworkers…

  4. jonathan says:

    i suppose so; your life does now revolve around chickens.

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