Swamp coolers are great – Exxon Mobile is not.

While the heat index is on its way to 109 this week in Tucson and the collective groans rise from all the shaded spots far and wide, I am becoming increasingly thankful for the magical and refreshing powers of my swamp cooler. And while the the indications of climate change are everywhere, this unfortunately is just southern Arizona at its best in the summertime.

However that has not kept Exxon Mobile (or at least some pseudo-famos folks posing as them) from capitalizing on the negative outcomes of global climate change with their newest alternative to the growing energy crisis. So imagine this: You are one of about 300 oil industry representatives in Calgary, Alberta just last Friday, expecting to hear from Exxon Mobile execs regarding their new product, Vivoleum. The speaker begins to describe the process of utilizing the remains of all the vicitims of climate change as a source of energy, and among other things he says this:

“Vivoleum works in perfect synergy with the continued expansion of fossil fuel production. With more fossil fuels comes a greater chance of disaster, but that means more feedstock for Vivoleum. Fuel will continue to flow for those of us left.”

As this big oil executive is speaking, candles are being handed out and you are asked to light yours and pass it along. After all the candles are passed out they play this video…

It is good to know that big time executives are easily fooled, though perhaps frightening at the same time. For more information regarding who was behind all of this, see the following.


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