My weekend…


2 thoughts on “My weekend…

  1. the injector says:

    ahh…the life. These are really beautiful pictures. They make me want to dive right into your landscape.

  2. mr. sean says:

    me: oh, what to do on a Friday night in Tucson, the human rights activist thought to himself towards the end of a long day writing about prison conditions…
    Matthew: wow, it’s like the chatting version of “stranger than fiction”
    me: He quickly considered his crazy friend’s strange idea about chicken t-shirts, but he had more important things to do this Friday night
    He hung his head and ran his fingers through his tussled hair, he was wiped out after a week fighting the forces of evil
    “i’ve got a serious appointment with a mister Elijah Craig this evening”
    “and the girl, she will be expecting some loving”
    Matthew: i’m glad my life has become a graphic novel
    Sent at 6:24 PM on Friday
    me: Mateo, the demon slaying chicken freak, has found himself in yet another pickle…
    how will he get out of this one?
    He is there, out on a dusty desert road, alone with the Sheriff
    Matthew: i still have yet to see any comments by a mr. sean tanner…
    on my blog that is.
    me: oh right. Let me see here…
    Sent at 6:27 PM on Friday

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