Meet Hayduke. While this hen’s name is more boyish – specifically alluding to Edward Abbey’s infamous and supposedly fictional character – it is the character traits that matter most. Gender stereotypes be damned! This Rhode Island Red hen is by far the most adventurous of my six chickens, having little qualms about approaching me and even eating out of my hand. When all of the other chickens are skittish and hopping about in the corner under the amaranth, Hayduke will venture out to check the lay of the land – that is, the 200 square feet run that they have all to themselves. Even with the dangerous possibility that Hayduke could take up the causes of her namesake by sabotaging all my hardwork in the way of the chicken house, the shelter, and the fence,she is still my favorite. I hope I haven’t brought a curse on my backyard with this name choice.


One thought on “Introductions.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Mateo –

    please relay the following message to Hayduke.

    per your requests on saturday, i can get you the saltpeter, iron filings and chainsaw…no prob. but the wire cutters, those will cost you an arm and a leg.


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