Introductions x3.

I have three Araucana chickens. Araucanas are from South America, and I have been told specifically from Peru. They are especially adapted to the hot weather which is super helpful living in the desert as we do. So far we are unable to tell the difference between any of these three, but we still have three names for them – we just haven’t assigned them to individual chickens. Their are names are these: Sally (for no particular reason, except that if we ever decide to try and have baby chickens and borrow a rooster from my neighbor, we have decided to film it and call it “When Harry met Sally”), Al Carbon (basically “barbecued” in Spanish though we have no immediate plans to eat any of them), and Maria Algo (“algo” means “something” in Spanish, and since they are Peruvian, Mari felt that they needed at least one of them needed to be called Maria something, so Riley said “why don’t we call it Maria Algo?”).

I’m not sure everyone finds those names as clever as we did at the time that we were standing around ogling the chickens for hours on end and coming up with names. But as we don’t know which chicken is which, the names might actually change as time goes on. I mean, the chickens are only three months old or so.


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